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Spiral 5 ‘ Gumball Machine

Spiral 5 ‘ Gumball Machine


The 5’ Spiral gumball machine includes a 25c coin mechanism. This is the highest quality coin mechanism available. If the wrong coin, slug, or foreign coin is inserted, it will simply allow the coin to drop trough without jamming. The coin mechanisms can be customized to accept tokens, a wide range of currencies or be set free-vend to work without coins.

NOTE: If you order a non-US currency, please specify the currency required in the "comments" section at checkout.


Height: 5’

Base Diameter: 21"

Globe Size: 18"

Capacity: 3400 one-inch gumballs (4 CASES OF 850 COUNT GUMBALLS)

Change capacity: $800 of quarters

Coins: 1 quarter OR can be customized to free vend, accept foreign currency and tokens

Colors: Burgandy Red

Weight: 55 lbs

Optional rope light requires nearby power outlet

Made in USA

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