Custom Colored Gumball Wizards

Custom Colored Gumball Wizards



Now you can create a specific color for your gumballmachine for use in your home or office.

The Original Wizard has been the leading item in our spiral gumball machine family since 1991. Its large 18" polycarbonate globe, transparent cylinder and spiral track were the first of their kind. The body is constructed of impact resistant fiberglass composites and gelcoat colors. The machine comes in a variety of bright and attractive colors or you can now customize your machine with a specific color of your choosing.

Custom colors available for a nominal fee. The Original comes standard with a Beaver coin mech.


For custom colors go take a look at this web site at:


For custom colors pricing for the 5' Wizard and the smaller version WizKid is as follows:\

Wizard 5' -  $1795.00 with free shipping.

WizKid 4' -  $1475.00 with free shipping.