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CLASSIC Gumball Machine with Stand

CLASSIC Gumball Machine with Stand


CLASSIC  Candy / Gumball Machine w/ Stand

Available in polished chrome trim.
PLASTIC body, METAL hopper, METAL lid and base with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
Shatter-reisistant polycarbonate globe.
Top quality, drop-thru all metal 25 cent US/Canadian coin mechanism.
Dispenses 1" gumballs, candy, nuts (volume adjustable), 27mm bouncy balls,
1" round toy capsules, and 1.1" acorn toy capsules.
High security, Heavy duty barrel lock.
1" Black vending pipe stand included (other options are available).
Optional cash box with seperate lock & key for quick servicing available (chrome trim only)
One year parts warranty.

Purchase Specifications:
Height: 44 5/8" with stand.
Width: 8" (machine)
Depth: 8" (machine)
Pipe: 1"
Base: 14 1/2" diameter
Candy Capacity: 10 lbs. of Skittles or 9 lbs. of Peanut M&Ms.
Gumball Capacity: 345 1" gumballs or 27mm bouncy balls.
Change capacity: up to $150 worth of quarters
Weight: 35 lbs

Ships within 24-48 hours.


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